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Peanuts drye Kill germs

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Shorter drying time, a better final dried product quality, and more energy savings in the process are revealed as the most important advantages of infrared drying over convective heat drying. The Food infrared dryer — LIANDA Design does not need a supply of dry air and is therefore particularly suited to applications with high initial moisture. In addition to drying, gentle heating processes are also ideal applications. Infrared-Drum IRD is being offered as individual component or as part of an overall solution as well.

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Application Sample

Raw Material Peanuts
Initial moisture: 7.19%MC
Using Machine LDHW-600*1000 image3
Drying& Crystallized Temperature set 150℃
Can be adjustable by property of rawmaterial
Drying time set 40mins
Dried Peanuts  Final moisture 1.41%MC image5image4

How to Work


What we can do for you

√ Germ Reduction and Stock protection

Validated to reduce microbiological infestation up to >5-1og (validated). This corresponds to a millions-fold germ reduction

√ Residual moisture and efficient drying

The final product can be dried to less than 1% in minutes instead of hours

√ Final product quality

The reverse-working principle of using infrared light improves the quality of the final product. For some products, flavours can be released during the drying processing

√ Different degrees of roasting

Various roasting levels and thus taste and color variations, can be realized by simply setting the temperature and residence time. Improved roasting taste.

√ Energy efficiency, raise production to 50%

The reverse-working principle of infrared light ( the energy penetrates to the core of the product) also provides an efficient use of the product) also provides an efficient use of energy and offers clear advantages over other methods

Machine Photos


Machine Installation

>> Supply Experienced engineer to your factory to help installation and material test running

>> Adopt aviation plug, no need to connect the electrical wire while the customer get the machine in his factory. To simplify the installation step

>> Supply the operation video for installation and running guide

>>Support on line service

How To Ensure The Quality!

>> In order to ensure the accuracy of each part, we are equipped with a variety of professional processing equipment and we have accumulated professional processing methods over the past years.

>> Each component before assembly needs strictly control by inspecting personnel.

>> Each assembly is in charged by a master who has working experience for more than 20 years

>> After all the equipment are completed, we will connect all the machines and run the full production line to ensure the stable running in customers' factory

Our Services

>> We will provide testing if the customer comes to visit factory to see the machine.

>> We will provide detail machine technical specification ,electric diagram,installation,operation manual and all the documents which customer needed for clearing customs and using the machine.

>> We will provide engineers for helping installation and training the workers at customer's site.

>> Spare parts are available when they are needed .Within warranty time,we we will provide spare parts free,and over warranty time,we will provide spare parts with factory price.

>> We will provide technical support and repair service in the whole lifetime .


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