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PA Dryer

Short Description:

Solution for Drying of PA Pellets 

Rotation drying style for Uniform Drying

Good mixing — No clumping

Accurate temperature control and quick drying time — No Yellow

  • Drying&Crystallization : In one step
  • Final moisture : ≤50ppm
  • Energy cost: 0.08kwh/kg
  • Drying time : 20mins
  • Machine control: By Siemens PLC

Product Detail

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Infrared Crystallization Dryer for PA Pellets

Solutions for PA Pellets/Granulates


Drying is the single most important variable in the processing.

LIANDA has been working closely with resin suppliers and processors to develop equipment and procedures that can eliminate moisture-related quality issues while saving energy too.

>>Adopt Rotation drying system to keep sure uniform drying

>> Good mixing without stick or clumping during drying processing

>>Energy Consumption

Today, LIANDA IRD users are reporting energy cost as 0.06kwh/kg, without sacrificing product quality.

>>Total process visibility that the IRD system PLC controls make possible

>> To achieve 50ppm only IRD is enough by 20mins Drying&crystallization in one step

>> Widely application

Customer's Factory Test

Initial moisture: 4500PPM



Customer Existing equipment:

Fluidized bed dryer( Horizontal Style)


Drying temperature



Temperature detecting

Hot air temperature

Directly material temperature

Drying time

About 4-6hours


Final moisture



Melt strips



Easy to be yellow

Still  transparent







Auxiliary equipment need

Additional auxiliary equipment such as fans, heaters, separators, or dust collectors are required, which are bulky and occupy a large area


PA melt strips

How to Work

IRD work

>>At first step, the only target is to heat up the material to a preset temperature.

Adopt relatively slow speed of drum rotating, the Infrared lamps power of the dryer will be at a higher level, then the plastic resin will have a fast heating till the temperature rises to the preset temperature.

>>Drying &Crystallizing step

Once the material gets to the temperature, the speed of the drum will be increased to a much higher rotating speed to avoid the clumping of the material. At the same time, the infrared lamps power will be increased again to finish the drying&crystallization. Then the drum rotating speed will be slowed down again. Normally the drying &crystallization process will be finished after 15-20mins. (The exact time depends on the property of material)

>>After finishing the drying&crystallization processing, the IR Drum will automatically discharge the material and refill the drum for the next cycle.

The automatic refilling as well as all relevant parameters for the different temperature ramps is fully integrated in the state-of-the-art Touch Screen control. Once parameters and temperature profiles are found for a specific material, theses settings can be saved as recipes in the control system.

Advantage we Make

  • Up to 60% less energy consumption than conventional drying system
  • Instant start-up and quicker shut down
  • No segregation of products with different bulk densities
  • Uniform  drying 
  • Independent temperature and drying time set
  • No pellets clumping & stick
  • Easy clean and change material
  • Carefully material treatment

Machine Running in Customers' factory


Machine photos

Machine photos for reference

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