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  • 2021
    We extend the IRD drying application (Infrared crystal dryer). which can be widely used in drying plastic resin and also food industry.
  • 2020
    We got our own patent on IRD Drying technology in USA, Thailand, India, China, Indonesia.
  • 2017
    Lianda has its own factory in Spain for Recycling Agricultural film-- Ground film, cutting, washing, drying and granulating, then export the pellets to the world. We don’t only make machine, we also use our own machine. Sometimes, Think always be easier than actual production. Now we can share our own experiment and make the machine by Actual production
  • 2016
    Make the study and research on Dry washing of Agricultural film recycling and Washing processing
  • 2015
    Lianda succeed to get an order of USD15,000,000 for 20 production lines for Land-fill film recycling , cutting, washing, granulating machine line
  • 2014
    Lianda has been awarded as the High technology Enterprise of Jiangsu Province
  • 2013
    Lianda make the machine of Grass/Sand remover for Agricultural film recycling and get the patent
  • 2008
    Lianda imported German Patent on Infrared crystal dryer
  • 2007
    Lianda get patent on New design of Steam washer, Horizontal dewatering machine for more efficient, but low energy cost
  • 2006
    Lianda moved the factory to Jinfeng Science & Technology Pioneering Park and Lianda International sales department set up
  • 2002
    Lianda has its own technical team and improved the machine design Study from the customers who are producing PET Flake. Study the latest technology on Waste plastic recycling from abroad ---- “Now the quality of Lianda machine is as well as its service after sales” The customer said
  • 1998
    Lianda built in 1998, for making Agglomerate and PET Bottle Recycling machine line, and supply the machine to China market. But the quality of the machine is just so so. Every day, the boss Mr Zheng answered the phone for maintenance, he drove the car to customer’s factory to solve the problem and get the feedback information from customer to improve the technology and design of the machine. “Although the quality of Lianda machine is so so, service after sales, Lianda makes the best ”The customer said
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