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Spain Ground film recycling granulating

Spain Ground film recycling granulating

Exported to Spain: Agricultural /Mulching film recycling & granulating machine line

Working processing: Film Desanding --- Cutting ---- Washing --- Drying (Film squeezing pelletizing dryer) --- Granulating Line


>>Adopt pre-cutter to cut Agricultural ground film to be short which will be better for Film de-sanding machine to treat

>>Adopt Film Desanding ( LIANDA Patent machine) ---- To remove 75-85% sand, grass mixed with Mulching film. To protect Crusher blades and save water consumption

>>Floating washer--- We adopt double sharp bottom design to collect the dirty, sands on the bottom. While open the valve on the bottome, the water will flash out the dirty, sands etc.

>>Film squeezing pelletzing dryer --- Easily for feeding the particle to the extruder and enlarge the capacity of the extruder; Stable the quality of finished particle

Post time: Nov-27-2021
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