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PET Masterbatch crystallization

PET Masterbatch crystallization

Running in the factiry of China largest producer of Polyester masterbatch:

>>Infrared crystal dryer to crystallize PET Masterbatch

>> Bought 25units from us



• Crystallization& Drying only need 20mins

• Energy saving 45-50%

• No material clumping, no pellets sticking (Rotary drum design to avoid any clumping of the material ;Assure a very good cross mixing of the material)

• Uniform degree of crystallization

• Easy clean and easy change colour & material (The drum is designed with the simple mixing elements, there are no hidden spots and can be cleaned easily with a vacuum cleaner or compressed air.This enables the operator to have a very quick change from one material to another material and also the masterbatch colour)

• Siemens PLC automatically control (Recipes and process parameters can be stored in the controlling system to ensure optional and reproducible results)

Post time: Nov-30-2021
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