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HIPS、ABS、PP Waste household appliance recycling

HIPS、ABS、PP Waste household appliance recycling

The production line is used for Waste plastic film recycling

Working processing: Cutting ---- Washing --- Drying (Horizontal dewatering dryer) --- Granulating Line


>>In the field of soft plastic crushing, to the toughness and high winding characteristics of LDPE film, Agricultural/Greenhouse film and PP woven/ Jumbo/Raffia bag materials, LIANDA has designed a special "V"-shaped crushing blade frame and a back knife type knife loading structure. On the basis of the original old equipment, the production capacity is increased by 2 times.

>>Floating washer--- We adopt double sharp bottom design to collect the dirty, sands on the bottom. While open the valve on the bottome, the water will flash out the dirty, sands etc.

>>In this production line, the customer has chose the Horizontal dewatering dryer to dry the washed film at about 10-13% moisture. So the granulating line, we have matched Double step granulating line which is good for washed film granulating

Post time: Nov-26-2021
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