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Film compacting granulating line

Film compacting granulating line

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Production line of Film recycling&Granulating line:

>> Capacity 1000kg/h

>> Machine:

• Single shaft shredder for Film cutting --- Low speed cutting, longer working time of shredder blades (Compared with Film crusher)

• High speed friction washer --- Adopt film specialized screw design to avoid film stucking.

Through high speed friction scrubbing, it can efficiently remove the dirt/oil/residual cleaning agent and other difficult-to-clean dirty on the surface of the material

To remove the dirty water before the plastic scrap enter to the next processing. First to save water consumption; Second to increase the final production quality

• Adopt Film compacting granulating machine

1 Automatic design Siemens PLC control system

The Film compaction/ agglomerator is designed with observation window to facilitate customers to open,clean and change the blades


3 The speed of the cutting motor of the compaction cylinder is adjustable to realize the closed-loop control of the speed of the extruder

The specially designed valve structure on the entrance of screw extruder, which effectively controls the moisture of the material entering the extruder, ensuring the stability of the discharge and the quality of the raw material


5 Realize the continuous production of film transportation, crushing, compaction, extrusion, pelletizing, dehydration, collection and other processes, which saves electricity, improves product quality, and reduces labor intensity of workers;
6 The simultaneous recycling of leftovers and production waste saves customers storage space;

Post time: Nov-26-2021
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