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TPEE Dryer & VOC Cleaner – Revolutionizing Polymer Devolatilization

LIANDA MACHINERY introduces the innovative TPEE Dryer & VOC Cleaner, a revolutionary system utilizing infrared drying technology for superior polymer devolatilization. This article delves into the system’s detailed properties and performance, highlighting its numerous benefits.

The Power of Infrared: Efficient and Precise Devolatilization

The core of the system lies in its infrared drying system. This technology employs infrared radiation to precisely heat incoming polymer materials. This targeted approach offers several advantages:

•  High Efficiency and Fast Devolatilization: Compared to traditional methods, infrared heating boasts significantly faster processing times.

•  Dynamic Drying with Even Heat Distribution: The system dynamically adjusts heating based on the drying stage, ensuring uniform heat distribution throughout the material and preventing clumping.

•  Energy Savings: LIANDA’s TPEE Dryer & VOC Cleaner achieves over 60% energy savings compared to conventional dryers.

•  Low Residual VOCs: The system effectively removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like phenol, achieving final levels below 10ppm in the finished product.

A Two-Step Process for Optimal Results

The TPEE Dryer & VOC Cleaner operates in a meticulously designed two-step process:

•  Drying Step:

1. Preheating: The material is gently heated using infrared lamps at a slower drum rotation speed to reach a preset temperature.

2. Drying: Once the temperature is achieved, the drum speed increases significantly to prevent clumping, while the infrared lamps intensify to complete the drying process. This stage typically takes 15-20 minutes, depending on the material’s properties.

3. Discharge: Upon completion, the dried material is automatically transferred to the next stage.

•  Devolatilization System for VOC Removal:

1. Continuous Infrared Heating: The dried material undergoes continuous heating via precisely targeted infrared radiation within the vacuum devolatilization system.

2. Vacuum Devolatilization: The heated material is subjected to repeated cycles of vacuum treatment, effectively removing any remaining volatile compounds.

3. Ultra-Low VOC Emissions: The final product boasts VOC content below 10ppm.

Simple Operation and Easy Maintenance

The TPEE Dryer & VOC Cleaner prioritizes user-friendliness. The system features a simple structure that facilitates cleaning and allows for quick product changeovers.

LIANDA MACHINERY: The Future of Polymer Devolatilization

LIANDA’s TPEE Dryer & VOC Cleaner represents a significant advancement in polymer processing. With its efficient infrared technology, two-step devolatilization process, and user-friendly design, this system offers:

Faster processing times

Superior devolatilization results (VOCs < 10ppm)

Significant energy savings

Simplified operation and maintenance

LIANDA MACHINERY empowers manufacturers to achieve exceptional quality and efficiency in polymer processing. Contact us today to learn more about how the TPEE Dryer & VOC Cleaner can revolutionize your operations.

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TPEE Dryer & VOC Cleaner

Post time: Apr-17-2024
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