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How PP Jumbo bag Crusher Works: A Detailed Explanation

The PP Jumbo bag Crusher is a machine that can crush soft plastic materials including LDPE film, agricultural/greenhouse film, and PP woven/jumbo/raffia bag materials into small pieces that can be reused or recycled. LIANDA, a globally recognized plastic recycling machine manufacturer that specializes in waste plastic recycling machine, infrared crystal dryer, plastic shreddercrusher and other plastic recycling machines, invented the equipment. When compared to the old equipment, the PP Jumbo bag Crusher has a special “V”-shaped crushing blade frame and a rear knife type knife loading structure that can enhance output capacity by two times. The PP Jumbo bag Crusher also incorporates a hydraulic open system to make blade sharpening easier, as well as a welded strip screen to withstand the wear and tear of materials with high silt content.

In this article, we will go over the detailed working theory of the PP Jumbo bag Crusher, as well as how it achieves high efficiency, low energy consumption, excellent quality, and ease of operation.

The Hopper and the Cutting Chamber

The materials are fed into the hopper, where they are seized by the revolving blades and dragged into the cutting chamber, as the first step in the crushing process. The hopper holds the materials and directs them to the cutting chamber. To improve feeding efficiency, the hopper can be adjusted based on the size and shape of the materials, and it can be equipped with a conveyor belt or a blower.

The cutting chamber is where the materials are sliced into little bits. The cutting chamber is divided into two sections: the upper and lower sections, which are hinged together and can be opened by a hydraulic system. The hydraulic system can additionally tilt the cutting chamber to simplify material discharge. The cutting chamber is made of strong welded steel that can endure the impact and pressure of the materials.

The V-Shaped Blades and the Back Knife

The second phase in the crushing process is to cut the materials with v-shaped blades and a back knife that can handle the materials’ toughness and high winding qualities. The PP Jumbo bag Crusher’s main cutting tools are the v-shaped blades and the rear knife, which are located on the rotor and the lower half of the cutting chamber, respectively.

The v-shaped blades are staggered on the rotor, which can provide higher throughput, better cut quality, lower noise levels, and lower power consumption than other rotor designs. When cutting materials, the v-shaped blades have a v-cut cutting geometry, which can provide a scissor-like motion and shear force. The v-cut cutting geometry can help reduce heat generation by preventing materials from sticking to the blades. In comparison to normal rotor configurations, the v-shaped blades can provide an additional 20-40% throughput.

The back knife is a fixed blade installed on the lowest part of the cutting chamber that prevents materials from wrapping around the rotor and thus improves cutting efficiency. The back knife includes a knife loading mechanism that allows the space between the back knife and the rotor to be adjusted based on the size and shape of the materials. The back knife can also work in conjunction with the v-shaped blades to produce a double cutting effect and finer particle size.

The v-shaped blades and back knife are made of high-quality materials, such as 9CrSi, SKD-11, D2, or customized, to assure the blades’ longevity and sharpness. In addition, the blades are specifically treated to increase their operating time and performance. The blades are reversible and adjustable, which helps increase their service life and prevent material waste. The hydraulic open system, which can efficiently, safely, and quickly improve the blade sharpening process, can also be used to easily sharpen the blades.

The Screen and the Discharge

The crushed materials are discharged through the screen in the third step of the crushing process, which separates the qualified from the unqualified. The screen is the component that filters materials based on size and purity standards. The screen is comprised of welded strips that can withstand the wear and tear of high sediment-content materials such as broken mulch film and agricultural film. The screen is also easily accessible by opening the hinged door at the bottom of the cutting chamber.

Qualified materials meet the size and purity requirements and are collected by a blower or a conveyor belt for further processing or recycling. Unqualified materials are those that do not fulfill the size and purity requirements, and they are returned to the cutting chamber for more crushing until they do.

The Advantages of PP Jumbo bag Crusher

The PP Jumbo bag Crusher has numerous benefits over other devices capable of crushing soft plastic materials. Among the primary benefits are:

•  High efficiency: Because to the innovative blade frame design and the hydraulic open mechanism, the PP Jumbo bag Crusher can double the production capacity of the old equipment. Because of the v-cut cutting geometry and the tiny distance between the screen and the blade, the PP Jumbo bag Crusher can provide 20-40% greater output than normal rotor setups.

•  Low energy consumption: By utilizing the v-cut cutting geometry, the PP Jumbo bag Crusher may minimize power consumption while providing a higher quality cut and lower noise levels. The PP Jumbo bag Crusher can also save energy by employing a hydraulic open system, which makes blade sharpening easier and reduces labor intensity.

•  High quality: The PP Jumbo bag Crusher can produce high-quality, uniform goods that fulfill the clients’ size and purity standards. Because of the welded strip screen design, which can withstand material wear and tear, the PP Jumbo bag Crusher can also handle materials with high sediment content, such as broken mulch film and agricultural film.

•  Easy operation: Because of the hydraulic open mechanism, the PP Jumbo bag Crusher can be conveniently operated by a single button or a remote control. The PP Jumbo bag Crusher can also be readily maintained by employing the external bearing seat, which prevents material from being crushed into the bearing and prevents oil and water from leaking from the bearing. The reversible and adjustable blades on the PP Jumbo bag Crusher may also be easily modified, extending their service life and reducing material waste.

The PP Jumbo bag Crusher is a dependable and professional machine that can satisfy the needs of clients who want to recycle soft plastics. The PP Jumbo bag Crusher is highly efficient, consumes little energy, is of great quality, and is simple to use. The PP Jumbo bag Crusher can also create high-quality, consistent items that can be reused or sold for a profit. PP Jumbo bag Crusher is an excellent investment for anyone interested in plastic recycling machines. Please contact us if you are interested.


Post time: Nov-28-2023
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