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Waste plastic granulator production line

The main body of the waste plastic granulator is the extruder system. The plastic granulator is composed of extrusion system software, transmission system and heating and refrigeration system.

1. Transmission system: the function of the transmission system is to push the screw rod and provide the necessary torque and speed ratio of the screw rod in the whole extrusion process. It is usually composed of motor, reducer and shaft sleeve.

2. Heating and refrigeration device: heating and refrigeration are the necessary conditions for the whole process of plastic extrusion. The control technology of waste plastic granulator includes heating system software, refrigeration system and main technical parameter measurement system. The key is composed of household appliances, instrument panel and actuator (i.e. control cabinet and workbench). Its key functions are: checking and adjusting the temperature, working pressure and total flow of plastics in the flame retardant plastic machine; Complete the operation or automatic control system of all generator sets.

The waste granulator in the plastic granulator is suitable for the production and processing of waste plastic film, packaging bag, plastic bag, basin, bucket, mineral water bottle, etc. the waste plastic recycling granulator is suitable for most common waste plastics. It is a plastic recycling granulator mechanical equipment with wide application and popular application in the field of waste plastic recycling. Large and medium-sized separated rejuvenation project has high cost and heavy human body. The waste plastic granulator also needs auxiliary generator units to maintain the overall Pu'er raw tea, including construction setting out device, straightening device, heating device, refrigeration device, traction belt device, meter counter, flame tester and winding device. The main purpose of extrusion equipment is different, and the auxiliary machinery and equipment used are also different

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Post time: Feb-22-2022
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