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Infrared dryer for PET Sheet making machine, PET Sheet, PET Plastic sheet production making machine extrusion line.

Cutomer’s Key problem by using Double-screw PET Sheet Extrusion line with vacuum degassing
1 Big problem with Vacuum system
2 Final PET Sheet is brittleness
3 Clarity of PET Sheet is bad
4 Output is not stable

What we can do for you

Normally the PET Bottle flakes or sheet scrap with initial moisture level of up to 8000-10000ppm. The PET Bottle flakes or sheet scrap (Virgin or mixed) will be recrystallized in Infrared crystal dryer in 10-15mins, the drying temperature will be 150-180℃ and dried to 150-300ppm,then fed to Double screw extruding system for further processing

>>Limiting the hydrolytic degradation of the viscosity

>>Prevent increasing AA levels for materials with food contact

>>Increasing the capacity of the production line up to 50%

>>Securing equal moisture levels for the extruder

>>More consistent performance of the vacuum degassing compared to non-dried material

>> Advanced quality of the end product ---Equal and repeatable input moisture content of the material


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Post time: Feb-24-2022
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