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Infrared crystal dryer for PET/Polyester colour masterbatch

The Infrared crystallization dryer for PET Masterbatch running in Suzhou customer’s Factory


Cutomer’s Key problem by using Conventional Dryer as follows
news-2-1Drum dryer                                                                 Oven                                                Hot air Crystallizer (Dessicant Dryer)
1 Material easy to be stick and clumping
2 Material leaking
3 Needs about 2 hours or more for crystallization
4 Difficult to change colours
5 Difficult to clean
6 Energy consumption is high

What we can do for you

>>Very good mixing behaviour to avoid material clumping and pellets sticking

Rotary drying system, its rotating speed can be increased as high as possible to get an excellent mixing of pellets. It is good in agitation, the masterbatch will not be clumped

>>Easy to change colour and clean

The drum can be opened completely,no hidden spots and can be cleaned easily with a vacuum cleaner

>>Easy to operate (Complete system is controlled by Siemens PLC)

>>Process-time and energy individually adjustable

>>Automatically loading and emptying

>>Energy saving 45-50% compared with conventional dryer ( Less than 100W/KG/H ) 


The IRD Service for PPM suzhou Branch

Post time: Feb-24-2022
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