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Customized machine system

Taiwan MSW Garbage shredder and Fuel bar pelletizing dryer system


Raw Material

Final Material

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Final moisture

About 3%

Machine System

Shredder system + 1000KG/H Fuel bar pelletizing dryer

Power consumption

About 170kw

How to Work

>>Fuel bar pelletzing dryer---LIANDA Design adopts the principle of screw extrusion&dehydration.The motor drives the reducer, and the high torque of the reducer drives the spiral rotation, the soft plastic will be screw pressed during the conveying pushing process. Then The water will be removed and achieve dehydration.

>>Fuel bar pelletizing dryer can remove almost 98% water from wet garbage efficiently. The corn part is the screw surrounded by filter screen mesh which will push the material forward under strong pressing and squeezing power,the water will filtered out fast.

>>The heating system: one is from self-friction power, another is from auxiliary electric heating. The heating system will semi-plasticied the washed film and extruded out from the mould. There are the pelletizing blades installed beside the mould,the semi-plasticied film will be cut by speed pelletizing blades. Finally the cutted pellets will be cooled by air and transmit to cyclone silo.

>>The screw barrel is made of material feeding barrel, compressing barrel and plasticized barrel. After feeding, squeezing , the film will be plasticized and cut to particle by the pelletizer which is installed besides the mold


Post time: Feb-25-2022
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