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Common faults and maintenance methods of plastic granulator

The machine will inevitably have faults during use and need maintenance. The following describes the common faults and maintenance of the plastic granulator.

1、 The unstable current of the server causes uneven feeding, damage to the rolling bearing of the main motor, poor lubrication or no heating. The heater fails or the phase difference is wrong, the screw adjusting pad is wrong, and the components intervene.

Fault detection: check the feeder and replace the rolling bearing if necessary. Repair the main motor and replace the heater if necessary. Check whether all heaters are working normally, pull out the screw, check whether the screw interferes, and check the adjusting pad.

2、 The main motor cannot operate

If the driving sequence is wrong, check whether the melted wire is burned; What is the problem with the main motor process; The interlocking equipment related to the main motor works.

If the gasoline pump doesn't work, check whether the lubricating oil pump is running. If the motor cannot be turned on, turn off the power supply of the main switch and wait for restart after 5 minutes. The induction power of the variable frequency governor is not discharged. Check whether the emergency button is calibrated.

3、 Restricted or restricted engine feed

The melting of raw materials is poor, the heater is not working in a certain section, or the relative molecular weight of plastic is wide. The actual operating temperature setting is slightly lower and unstable. It is likely that there are materials that are not easy to melt,

Replace and check the heater if necessary. Check the set temperature of each section, increase the temperature rating, clear and check the extrusion system software and engine.

Remember that the machine needs maintenance. I hope the above contents can help you. For more knowledge of plastic granulator, welcome to learn about Zhangjiagang Lianda Machinery.

Post time: Feb-21-2022
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